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2017 Hottest Color Styles and Cuts
These Cuts and Styles are what you will see on the Red Carpet this year.

Disruption- Dark colors and pastels work perfectly when combined in groups on three or more onto one panel creating a "disruption" in the color style

High/Low Blondes- Highlights and lowlights combined in natural harmony are the in!

Dimensional Reds- Keeping your base color a level or two darker than the ends of the hair, while adding in two to four various red color formulations at varying levels with the base and end formula will create a very real dimension of the red loving clients.

Strobing- Use color to make a particular area within the hair design "pop". Instead of using color to camouflage a particular area, strobing will use brighter hues to draw attention to an area within the color design similar to spotlight areas in a photo shoot!

Soft Shading- Color design of darker roots melting to softer, lighter ends to a new level by adding lighter pieces in the front of the hairstyle and fringe areas.

Static Hair Problems?
How best to prevent static from your hair. First you need to add moisture, definitely use a good hair conditioner every time you wash your hair. Leave conditioning products concentrated at the ends of the hair.

Dryer sheets- use them to wipe down combs, brushes and hair clips, line your brush drawer with them.

Put a dryer sheet inside your pillow case as well.

Change your combs and brushes: switch out the plastic combs for metal or ceramic. Use combs with wider teeth. Use brushes made of natural bristles instead of plastic.How To Prevent Bad Hair Days?
Get a healthy scalp first. If you have thinning hair, itchy or tight scalp, styles that go limp, lack of shine, absence of body, or weak tresses?

Use the right shampoo and conditioner. Any professional salon will have the right products for you, ask your stylist what they recommend and spend the extra money to use the right products and you will see a difference.

When you shampoo at home, spend a few minutes each time doing a quick scalp massage.

Invest in a great brush, regular hair brushing is great way to stimulate your scalp, move the oils from your scalp through your hair, and keep your hair tangle free.

Remove the chemicals from your hair with a deep cleansing/clarifying treatment.  Continued use of mousses, gels, volume added sprays, leave in conditioners will cause your pores and follicles to clog. Gummed up hair follicles just can't produce the healthy shine and look you want. Your product build-up could also be causing your thinning and troubled hair. Make an appointment with your stylist to get a professional deep cleansing and you will not regret it.
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