Vibrant new hair color options.

At our salon we stock all of the latest color trends. Pastel hues are all the rage, so whether you want Pink, Aqua, or Purple, we are the salon to visit. We now are promoting a great new color product called SoColor Cult, it comes in semi, demi and permanent options. So this way you can determine if you want a new look for a short time or permanently. There are to many colors to show  you on our website, so please call us and come in for a free color consultation and let us show you the entire color palette we have in stock.

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Color Melting

Check out the hottest new color technique out there. Color melting allows us to mirror the natural hair color. Its a specialized process where we apply multiple colors to the hair shaft creating a natural blended look. You no longer have the standard demarcation lines from where your old hair color meets your new color. Also we can create any type of color you want using this technique and still make it look natural. Come into the salon or call us for an appointment.

Balayage Highlights


Balayage is technically an application technique, not a finished result, but it's not unusual these days to hear it used to describe both. Balayage traditionally started as a French way of painting the hair. As time has gone on and things have evolved, it’s more used as a description of hair color that’s beachy and sun-kissed.  This process is achieved through a freehand painting application technique (no foils), balayage gives the hair a natural, surface highlight on the top of the strands that cascades into full color